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Cha-ching, Cha-ching

A few weeks back I shared my fear of meeting a new physician. The day came and went, seemingly uneventful. The word ‘seemingly’ sounds so innocuous, so very bland. I wish the transitioning were also. I am on another journey.

I am not the person who usually wonders what you are thinking, what motivates you. I see things pretty black and white, with the understanding that you will make me aware of what I need to know. Change is difficult enough for me. I don’t do wishy-washy well. Which leads back to my initial concerns about changing physicians.

I really hate some of the times when I am right.

Back we go to the drawing board. To quote the nurse, “Dr So-and-So said she is not going to simply take the documentation of your previous neurologist. She wants to repeat some tests.

I am sure she said some noteworthy things following that statement. I didn’t hear any of it. I heard “cha-ching, cha-ching.”

There is a reason for all of this that my finite eyes cannot see. For now, I have a calendar full of back-to-back calendar events labled  ‘medical’.


“Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans.He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”

– Rom. 8:28, The Message

Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse.

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