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What are you waiting for?

never too old to set another dream

Do you have some goals or dreams not yet started for your life? I hope so! I learned yesterday that a family friend took up painting at age 75. Another friend started ballet this week, at age 51. Me? I started yoga and Spanish lessons this summer.

Goals give you confidence. Start with something small. Maybe it is learning to make a pot of coffee once a week instead of buying it out every day…just to say you can do it. Practice making a meal, then invite a friend over for dinner. Do you have those down? Need some big challenges? Set yourself the goal to be accountable to someone about the heart issues in your life.

Everyone is at a different place in life and that’s the great thing in this journey. I can teach you how to make coffee, you can teach me Spanish, and we can hold each other accountable. In the end, we are both better for it.

Tell me some goals or dreams you have.

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