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Help for the home health


Have you ever wished for some advanced warning when one of ‘those’ days was just around the corner? I’m thinking of something akin to a weather radio that announces imminent storms ahead in my life.

I oversee the management of my mother’s medications due to symptoms associated with her Alzheimer’s. Because she lives in assisted living, I work in conjunction with home care. Home care is private-pay care for services not covered under home health. I have hired an organization that works on site, and they dispense medications twice daily. I am responsible for setting up the medicine tray for each week. It sounds simple enough to me.

Despite a set of checks and balances, her medications have not been properly dispensed again. I uncovered the same scenario  today that I already encountered twice in the past seven months since moving her. A staff person initialed they had dispensed the medication, yet it was still in the medicine tray. A second issue occurred when no one initialed their work, yet the medication was gone.

My day started out by delivering bad news to my mother about a test done recently that may have uncovered yet another health problem. Now I felt sick, nauseous, a cold sweat settling in as my mind ran in a thousand directions.

Were we correct to blame the erratic behavior on the Alzheimer’s? What about the persistent pains she mentions?

Who is right and what is wrong?

The more I considered the possible implications, the more my fears ran on.

I went through appropriate channels within their system, and notified the director of the facility.  I am in a holding pattern until the agency questions everyone involved.

What questions would you ask in this situation?


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