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What Meghan Markle Taught Me

I don’t know your level of interest this past week in the Royal Wedding. You may have hosted a full-blown party like I did. Perhaps you held your breath until the news turned to another topic.

One thing I heard nearly every day on national news leading up to the wedding was the events surrounding her father. My heart sank for her every time a new detail came up. Sordid, salacious, nasty gossip. Who wants that on any day much less on the days leading up to marrying your prince?

Meghan had no control over what other family members were saying or doing. Was it true and accurate? What would he say or do next?

I will thankfully never be in her situation but I have experienced enough false accusations and presumptions in my own life that I made a choice despite my interest in the wedding. I turned the channel, looked away at that online story every time another sad tale came about.

I likewise can never control what anyone would say, suggest or hint at about me. I am not responsible for anyone else’s actions. I am responsible for my own and believe that ultimately truth finds its way to the top of every situation when I allow God to be in charge. This does come with some stipulations, of course.

If I sense danger or true harm can come about I will definitely speak up. I have learned that most of the time I don’t need to, however. My need to respond is sometimes based on fear or pride.

My lesson for the week is to speak less and give truth the opportunity to rise to the top of any situation I face.

How do you respond under pressure?

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