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My Toilet Has Been Talking

Who knew a toilet could talk?

I am blessed to own a home with more than one bathroom. That means that I have bathrooms with toilets that need parts replacing, sometimes the entire toilet gone when the cost is weighed out. In exploring the variety of toilets, I discovered a convenient feature that exists.

Full disclosure here, I have no idea what brand of toilet I own. Per the fine folks at Google, I can describe what has caused such excitement by giving the example of what Kohler offers. Innovative features include technology that prevents lids from slamming and seats that remove easily for cleaning. The Cachet Quiet-Close toilet seat with Quick-Release functionality is engineered to close with the slightest touch, reducing unwanted noise often associated with lid slamming.

My bathrooms are next to each other, but one has a loud lid that slams onto the seat at the slightest tip. The second toilet takes a bit more of a push, a pause as you watch it gently glide down as it seems to whisper ‘I will be finished in a few moments’, said with a bit of a British accent perhaps.

The Quiet-Close toilet seat drove me crazy at first. HURRY UP ALREADY!

I have written sparingly in this blog for a good reason. There has been a great deal of external noise in my life. Lies, false accusations, verbal assaults and conflict galore on behalf of someone who thrives to talk a little, chat a little, peep peep peep as they say. Attempts to drive wedges between my family and me, friends, anywhere they can cause conflict. The interesting thing is, the noisier they got the quieter I got.

The ‘Aha’ moment came one day as I walked away from my Quiet-Close toilet. Patience, be still. The Apostle James said it well: Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;  for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. – James 1:19-20

I am thankful for the example of the toilet seat that reminds me to slow down. Slow down my thoughts, slow down my words, slow down my actions that would lead to anger. Internal anger or strife between me and others. The opposite reaction is at the beginning of the verse, just like the second toilet lid. Let me be quick: quick to hear, quick to believe others, quick to love in the way that Jesus loves me. What does that look like? That question is for another blog, in fact the entire New Testament. For now, here is a great link for a few concise examples.

One can accomplish many good, ye great things with their life. If I have not lived a life that produces the righteousness of God, I have accomplished nothing of eternal value.

What are some steps you take to slow yourself down when tempted to act or speak hastily out of anger?

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