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I Forgot What I Remembered

I don’t spend nearly the time on social media that I once did, using it more for checking into friends’ activities while relaxing and aimlessly wandering through a few comments. Therefore it is also unusual for me to deliberately add new friends or even check the suggestions they are so kind to offer.

If you are on social media, and you are by virtue of reading this, you know what I mean…suggested friends, suggested pages, suggested products. The stalking, I mean, list is endless. The minute I agreed to hand over my contacts list it was all over, and with every click I gave them more opportunities. I am one of those people who almost never deletes a contact. In fact I add every contact into my phone. Some because I want to know you are calling. Yea! Some because I want to know you are calling. I think we understand.

There begins my social media dilemma as I wandered through an account last night. There she was again. Girl, won’t you ever go away? Bright cheery smile, talkin’ bout her Jesus, her guy and her cute kid. Whatever. Give me a break. My mind raced as I rehearsed lines from a few years ago.

You know what you did. Shameless. No guilt. No apology. In fact, none of you apologized. Oh wait, one did. All of you proclaiming your Jesus Juke kept it up until…well who cares what ended it? All I know is the only one of you who ever apologized for your actions was a Muslim. Not any of you who proclaim to be Christian. Because you all haunt me on social media.


I hope you hate reading that as much as I do. My goal in writing this blog is not to share every detail of my life, but it is to be transparent if I can encourage others. Before that little fit was over I had invested a good 5-10 minutes confirming that yep, the lies and that particular affair had lasted far longer than was confessed. Did I feel better for looking? Absolutely not.

The Bible has a great story about looking back and the harm that can come from it. It begins with a story of separation and choices. Abraham and Lot have run out of room to co-exist, and Abraham gives Lot the option of what land to choose first, recommending either the north or the south because they were fertile land for farming. Instead of following the wisdom and counsel that Abraham had provided throughout his life, Lot chose a third route and headed beyond the Jordan to an area that faced towards Sodom. What ensues next in Lot’s life is pure wickedness. Was he to blame?

Some people like to ask the question of blame at every turn. He said, she said, you did, I didn’t. God asks a very different question from us.

Will you be obedient to Me, follow My commands as you seek to listen to My voice? Are you sold out to Me, or to the things of this world? There is a choice.

Lot escaped Sodom the night it burned to the ground but his wife did not. As she looked back at the horror raining down on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, she turned into a pillar of salt. As for Lot, there is nothing in Scripture to indicate that he ever turned to the Lord for repentance and life with Him. In fact, his life continued to be contrary to the Word of God despite every opportunity afforded him.

Your best days will never be ahead of you as long as you continue looking at your past with longing or regret. Live for today.

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