National Reconciliation Day

For twenty-six years I have celebrated today as one of my life’s greatest miracles. Infertility issues that were misdiagnosed and mistreated until a friend’s education on endometriosis led to a new doctor and an accurate diagnosis. It was widespread but I was hopeful surgery would bring the end goal of having another child.

Life rarely goes as planned and another year with more medication did not produce the pregnancy I longed for. My daughter had gone from asking for a sister to saying a brother would even be great. Out of the mouth of a 4-year old, right? I sat down one night to explain that sometimes when we pray God says yes. Sometimes the answer is not yet. Sometimes the answer is no and the doctor said we were at that point. I would find out soon that my miracle baby was forming in my womb as I spoke those words to his sister.

God’s grace and mercy … Such rich reconciliation!

It was wonderful to learn that today is the National Reconciliation Day as I celebrate his birthday today. We had such a wonderful conversation recently as I feebly tried to share how much I appreciate his grace extended towards me as I have fumbled and stumbled through the passages of motherhood.

Reconciliation begins with God but there is also reconciliation between family, between friends.

I am reminded of a friend’s wisdom to love with an open heart. Reflect on that brief sentence for a moment. What does it mean to you to love with an open heart and how might it change some of your relationships today?

Below are some thoughts on definitive steps that can help in the process of forgiveness and reconciliation:

When your reconciliation doesn’t reconcile

Below are some thoughts on National Reconciliation Day for you to consider:

National Reconciliation Day

I would love to hear your thoughts. What has been successful for you in reconciling a relationship?

Happy birthday, Avril. I thank God for you and your sister every day. ❤

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8 thoughts on “National Reconciliation Day

  1. James April 2, 2018 at 9:18 am Reply

    Just began following your blog — incredible! Thank you! I am still learning about reconciliation, but the big shift for me was when a pastor shared that we do not own “grace” & that we often expect more from others than we would ever want God to expect from us. I needed to hear that when I heard it. It had been 6 years of not speaking to a family member because of what they had done. Along with reaching out to them…that same night…there was an importance of addressing the hurt – not so that I could get payback (because that amount would never be truly fulfilled), but so that healing could begin…ultimately, what my heart truly craved. Thanks for sharing your post!


    • Overwhelmed By Joy April 2, 2018 at 1:23 pm Reply

      That is such a great reminder, James. I am glad to hear that you have been able to work on that family relationship. I know of some people who have gone many, many years without speaking or interacting. It not only affects the relationship between two people but oftentimes people choose sides and the rift just becomes wider until eventually no one can remember what the original fight was about. It is such great wisdom to ask oneself if I am demanding more from someone than I would ever want God to demand of me. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  2. Kathleen Kerswig, LUT April 2, 2018 at 12:50 pm Reply

    To love with an open heart means I release the need to judge. I no longer judge myself or others. I accept everyone as they are, where they are. I accept myself as well. Thank you for sharing. ~ Blessings, KK

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    • Overwhelmed By Joy April 2, 2018 at 9:10 am Reply

      That is a great definition of loving with an open heart. You really have worded it so accurately because it is sometimes easier to accept either oneself or others. Realizing and choosing to accept and yourself is exceptional. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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  3. An Open Heart | OverwhelmedByJoy April 8, 2018 at 7:06 am Reply

    […] recently posted about having an open heart and asked readers what that phrase meant to them. You had some wonderful responses! First15 is a […]


  4. writerwannabe763 April 18, 2018 at 10:06 pm Reply

    Sadly I believe most families have reconciliation issues. It’s been so in our faimily on more than one occasion. To me the primary way is that those concerned want to be reconciled..there needed to be time/space given for all to reflect on exactly what has happened. For me laying blame is not the answer.. forgiveness is a given.. but some find it more difficult than others.
    Sometimes in order to reconcile, one has to accept some terms … I wish it had not been so, but to move forward …. this was part of how or ‘if’ it could happen.
    Personally I like it when an open conversation can allow for ‘unscrambling the eggs’ so to speak…. but others don’t want to do this; they just want to ‘move on’ however it be possible.
    Of course prayer and the knowledge that God is alongside.. no matter what…. Diane


    • Overwhelmed By Joy May 13, 2018 at 7:21 am Reply

      I apologize for the delay in responding! I thought my response went out the day you wrote this. Your words are so true, Diane. We can only be responsible for our part but true reconciliation occurs when we do talk things out, not just moving forward…when it is one of the ‘major’.
      Happy Mother’s Day on that note!

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  5. facetioussoup aka MLWA September 1, 2020 at 8:29 pm Reply

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