Get Over Yourself

No Condemnation

Are you one of those who questions yourself at every turn? Self-doubt creeps in at every possible corner, almost as though opportunity for error is lurking everywhere. You make a decision only to change it if challenged or questioned…by anyone.

I have been asked on occasion where my self-confidence comes from. I often respond that I don’t have self-confidence. I possess God-confidence. I not only know the verse Phil. 4:13, I believe it is true. I have internalized it and think through how I can apply this as truth in my daily life. How, you might ask?

Phil 413

That involves two seemingly small yet distinct questions:

  1. Do I believe that Christ can/will/should/is able to empower me to do anything? In other words, am I willing to act on the truth of God’s Word for myself? Or do I put a stop sign in front of many things before the first foot is on the ground because I think it depends on me?
  2. How do I think this happens? Many who are curious about Christianity can get sidelined by a verse like this that is misappropriated! I accomplish nothing on my own strength when I get down to the anatomy of my life. If the involuntary muscles in my body stopped right now, my time on earth could be shortened to a span of minutes to days depending on a number of factors.

What are some of the involuntary muscles? My online resource for KISS (Keep it simple, stupid), Wikipedia, says they include smooth muscles such as: the stomach, intestines, urinary bladder, and uterus. They are found in the arteries and veins of your circulatory system, in your eyes and skin. The most important muscle impacted is the cardiac muscle. This is not a medical blog by any means, but reason with me. Does your heart beat because you tell it to? Does your skin grow and heal over a cut because you commanded it to do so?

In just the same way, I may think I accomplished something on my own means with little or no thought to my Creator. In reality I accomplish nothing on my own. But…When I recognize that Christ is the source of my strength the opportunities are now endless!

If you are struggling today with questions about your ability, opportunity, your past or your future, take assurance that the answer does not lie within any of these things. Let go of the insecurities. Let go of the blame and the guilt, the what if’s and the excuses that are holding you back.

Instead, accept all that God has for you. You are not condemned…you are free. What does a life filled with God’s acceptance and love empower you to do, friend?

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