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Why I choose to Forgive

Shining The Light

There has been A LOT of bad these past couple months. I’ve lived in the lowest places and seen the really ugly. It’s been an emotional roller coaster that I wouldn’t want even my worst enemy to feel.  My sister, dad, and grandma died in a car accident and I was the only survivor. (Rough, right?)  It constantly overwhelms me. There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings, but there are also days when I’m excited to get up and learn new things. I don’t always know what the right things to do are. Unfortunately, the accident stripped every sense of normalcy out of my life. Did I mention that the driver who killed them was drunk and had been partying all weekend? That hurts the worst. This accident was so preventable. I think about the day we spent together in Indianapolis watching…

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