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What is healing and why do only some seem to receive it?

That great question…Why does God promise that He heals and yet He seems to not be healing me? He isn’t healing my loved one or my friend. Maybe you are blaming yourself that God has not yet healed you. Perhaps others are doing so. Some have looked me in the face and said my sickness is a result of God punishing me for some sin. Confess and you will be well, they say. Can anyone relate?

So why are there so many promises in the Bible on healing? There are a lot, don’t misunderstand me. Stay with me if you are questioning today. God has an ultimate plan that goes far beyond this life. His greatest desire is that you, loved one, would choose to spend eternity with Him. Does He care about your sufferings of today? Absolutely. He is the one who created you and loves you more than anyone. His greatest desire supersedes your present circumstances, as painful and difficult as that may be to hear today.

What is God’s healing? Healing from the weight of our sins of this life by placing the trust of our circumstances…the balance of our lives…into the hands of Jesus Christ. Does that sound risky? Ask God to show you what is in store for you by doing so. Ask those friends, those family members that you know have a personal relationship with Jesus what that really looks like, what you can expect from God.

Why do only some seem to receive healing from God? He looks at us through eternal vision glasses that are incomparably stronger and greater than anything someone like I could possess the wisdom to understand with my mortal insight.

I know one thing for certain: All who ask to walk with Him eternally do receive healing. Does it look like you think it will look? Absolutely not. Few things do in the end. Will it be worth it? More than anyone on this side of heaven has any idea. Will you consider joining me if you haven’t already?

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