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Do you know why you matter?

Stars by their namesWhen I was diagnosed with MS, I was training for my first marathon. I had a friend Liz who had set me up with a solid training schedule, broken down for the next five months. She even had my nutrition list set up for me. When I questioned my ability to complete the task, I would stop by their house for a dose of affirmation from her husband, a 3-time Ironman at the time. He has probably circled the globe by now!

I was that crazy girl who wasn’t very good at any sports but I loved trying them all. I would go to our elementary school and bounce tennis balls against the wall until I had every type of stroke down. I ran in track and came in at a solid 4th place on several occasions. My strengths were in other areas but I LOVE sports. I still do. Eventually I found sports that I excelled so my energy went to more useful gain.

So how did I keep from losing my desired identity as an athlete when I suddenly found I could not lift a leg off the ground or pick up a 2-lb weight? It isn’t easy. I still struggle with it.  I had to train my mind the same way I had trained my body. I rehearse Bible verses over and over. More than that, it has to be true to me. I could say it all day long but it’s irrelevant if I don’t believe God’s Word and apply it.

Don Miller wrote a blog this week that addresses the question, ‘Do you only matter because of what you do?‘. He brings out some good points on what we base our self-identity in and the harm that leads to.

What about you? Where do you get your worth from and how do you protect it from?

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