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Today I choose Joy

peace joyIf you are like most people, you find the months of October through December as the most hectic time of the year. That is generally true for our family as well…plenty of celebrations, holidays, and several family birthdays in December just for added stress fun. This year the mayhem began a few months earlier. We don’t get to schedule emergencies, do we?

It began with an exacerbation of my MS that meant approximately 6 weeks of traveling by wheelchair or walker. Not bad by normal standards for me, but still, those can never be planned in advance and I never know how long they will last. Next came health issues for family members on both sides of our families, some major and some minor. Flu, several surgeries, and much more.

We are also assisting someone during a transitional stage in their life. As part of this we started the transformation of a basement with concrete walls and floors into a living room/game room/dining area that will be 850 sq feet. We are also creating a bedroom that is over 16 x 18 feet. Framing, drywall, carpeting,  and electrical wiring to name a few things. Just the two of us, a lot of sweat, and some awesome new tools…

Did I mention we are doing this in two weeks’ time?

Last week I caught up with a friend who hadn’t seen me for a while. Most of my time and energy were focused on caring for my mother and myself. Good friends understand this and are fantastic at picking up right back where we left off.

She took one look at me and remarked how peaceful I looked. This was so encouraging to know that others saw outwardly how I felt inwardly! It is true. While we have had significant turmoil, the winds have not knocked me over.

I call to you in times of trouble,
because you answer my prayers. – Ps. 86:7

I have peace, which produces joy,which comes when I place all of these things before God.

  • Is that easy to do? No.
  • Is it tempting to take back ownership of problems I can’t fix on my own? Every time.
  • Is it worth it? Absolutely.

My hope, my confidence, my purpose –  that all belongs to God. What a relief!

Do you have issues or strongholds you are carrying that you need to hand over to God?

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