Who is your hero?

  I read an interview done with Lauren Scruggs.  If you need a brief refresher, she is the 24-year old blogger and fashion model from Plano, TX who lost a limb and left eye after walking into a plane propeller in December 2011. She states several things from her NBC interview that made an impression on me:

  • “Spiritually, I’ve just learned to live by faith and not by sight,’’ Scruggs said. “Even though I’ve lost my left eye, I’ve just realized that the Lord has a strong purpose in it, and I need to use that.’’
  • She acknowledged a strong support system made up primarily of her parents, twin sister, and her faith.
  •  “It’s just good to be out in public just as I am and letting people know I’m doing OK and healing up.’’ It would have been understandable to   want to hide after the accident, but she has embraced it.
  • She has role models who inspire her. “I think Gabby is a real inspiration to me,’’ Scruggs said. “Just her spirit is so sweet and just how she professes her faith.’’

I have followed some of her progress since the accident. She had a choice between being better or bitter. She chose the former. She is a role model for me, and a hero in my eyes.

Who is encouraging and inspiring you today?

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One thought on “Who is your hero?

  1. barbaramattio August 9, 2012 at 11:38 am Reply

    This was very inspiring and I am filled with gratitude for my life and for hers. Blessings, Barbaraa


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