Chapter Seven

“Perhaps today you should turn the page and start writing a new chapter.

At some point you must decide this chapter is finally finished!” – Christine Cain

How do you usually read a book? One at a time, from cover to finish? Do you have several going at one time? Do you read the ending before you start the rest of the book? Do you get bored easily, never finishing one before you move onto the next book?

A compelling book for me usually evokes strong emotions, plenty of drama, and a great ending. Looking at my life as a book, however, it is tempting to have just the opposite.  Sometimes it seems like a great option to know the ending before I get started. There are some chapters that would be easier to skip past. I don’t savor every ‘page’ of my life.

At other times, a great piece of literature draws me in so emotionally that I will read it several times before moving on. I enjoy reading a lot of non-fiction, making notes and insights in a book if I am gleaning a lot from the material. Similarly, it is challenging to move forward in some chapters of my life. Some I want to continue because the experience is so wonderful. Others, I can’t seem to let go because I want to rewrite parts of the chapter.

In every chapter of  life, there is a time to continue forward.

Are you caught in a chapter of your life that has moved on, while you are still lingering on to the past pages?

A great story still lies ahead of you. Make some notations and reflections along the way. Give yourself permission and encouragement to finish out your story. 


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2 thoughts on “Chapter Seven

  1. Ashley August 6, 2012 at 5:58 pm Reply

    “Are you caught in a chapter of your life that has moved on, while you are still lingering on to the past pages?” Great post. This part really spoke to me. Thanks for the advice!


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