Larger than Life

We are enthralled with a new home under construction that is between Ozark and Branson, Missouri. Every time we drive past the construction, we peer across the hills and highway in our vain attempt to see the progress. Obsessively, one time we drove all the way to the entrance to see the home. The homeowners anticipated this, and stopped the everyday paparazzi like us by building an impenetrable gate. Darn it ~ so much for our nosiness!

We are not the only ones who would love to get a peek at Chateau Pensmore. My home has never been written up in Forbes Magazine! Google helped with the interest by posting an aerial shot of the home. To justify that we are not the only ones obsessed with the 72,000 square foot mansion, the homeowner and builder have a website. Why would you have a website about your own home? The home generated so much attention that they wanted to state the purpose and plans for the home.

True statement. Steven Huff, the owner, addressed the issue head-on to stop speculation and rumors. He didn’t offer unlimited information about the home. He answered the most relevant questions, but also used discernment regarding the release of his personal information. What a great lesson!

Some information  is a good thing, as Steven Huff has obviously learned. Most people who ask a personal question intend to show concern. Most people do not have ill intent, they are simply unaware of your personal boundaries.

Everyone gets asked questions they do not wish to answer. Yesterday, I casually asked someone the number of children she had in school. She continually said, ‘I really don’t like discussing this, but’ and kept talking. She stated only the most relevant information, however. I had no idea what door into her life I had opened when I asked the question! Perhaps you receive questions about your personal or professional life that you do not want to answer. I get asked questions regarding my complete list of medications ~ No. That is between my physician, my pharmacist, and me. Not every question needs an answer.

I repeated a statement to my daughter the other day that I have tried to emphasize throughout her life. ‘Just because someone asks you a question does not mean you are required to answer it.’ If pressed for an answer when you are uncomfortable, turn to the person and ask, ‘Why are you so interested in this matter?’.  In other words, determine your own boundaries instead of letting them be set for you. You may like to share everything ~ great!

What boundary statements do you have? How much are you comfortable sharing with others? Do you have some trust issues because of past experience? With whom do you share confidential information? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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