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Get back to work!

I do a small amount of volunteer work from my home for a non-profit organization. It is nice to contribute to something productive, but I would be lying if I said this was a huge number of hours being invested for them.

My problem is that I’m still not okay with being on disability, so I insist on finding ways to keep working. Yes, my doctor says I am stubborn!! As the picture shows, I am definitely a work in progress. . .

My second problem is that I have become a procrastinator. Now, a few people may think they are pros at this. I have worked at setting a Guinness Book of World Records since I stopped working. I am not good without goals! I had 411 unread emails as of this morning. I sense how impressed you are with my skills (yes, I’m kidding!).

All that information combined meant that I waited until this morning at 7 am to log into the company website to do work I was given a week ago. I learned the hard lesson that they don’t allow anyone to access their website before or after regular business hours, so now I will be rushing to get my work done. . . to hide my laziness. 🙂

This had a remarkably positive experience on me. I actually sat, relaxed, enjoyed my coffee. I thought about using that new exercise room, but I think I made a revelation this morning and didn’t do so. It’s okay to relax. It may even be good for me!

What are you doing to relax today? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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