Life is like a box of chocolates

One thing I am most thankful about is the growing list of medications that can help to treat symptoms. Odd, I know. I never took any medicine in my life before my initial diagnosis. I still resist it every chance I get. So why does this make sense? I realize how much-improved my quality of life is with them.

All that said, I hold an amazing record for the longest time it can take to swallow one pill. I have had one person in particular watch my face turn into bizarre contortions, all for the goal of getting a pill down. I listen to everyone’s advice. I finally gave this a name: pillaphobia. Yes, I confess it ~ I have a huge phobia of swallowing pills that only makes my throat shut up more.

One day I came up with my brilliant solution (so I thought) of wrapping the larger pills in Viactiv, the caramels or chocolates that provide calcium. This was a great idea for a while, and the more medication I had to take, the more calcium I was ingesting. Ta da!Calcium PLUS Vitamin D! I felt like a regular health guru with this great choice.

I kept this up for many years. Until last fall, actually. Last year was a great ‘opportunity’ to meet both my deductible and coinsurance quickly. (Ominous music playing in the background) I had a kidney stone. Kidney stones and I just do not get along. I have had quite a few, and only successfully passed two. In May, I had my first surgery, that my urologist removed laprascopically. An x-ray showed a second one existed. My urologist gave me a ‘due date’ of October. I birthed the second round in July. (Premature ~ no nursery or vacation time scheduled.) I began naming my stones. They felt like I was giving birth (which I have done), so it seemed fitting. Another day, another test, another kidney stone in October. This time I had it removed by lithotripsy. I was now rating my surgeries AND my stones.

No one was amused by this rapid turn of events, particularly my neurologist and urologist. They both sent me through several more tests to determine the relation to my diet, medication, or perhaps reading too much People magazine. (Okay, that was the best option but I made it up. It would have been easier to change.)

They agreed that I can have too much of a good thing, and they limited me to one Viactiv per day. Darn, they taste good and it was an easy solution. Secretly, I was sneaking them still. Next, my husband tried some yummy Kraft caramels.This seemed like an even better idea. So much that I started putting on weight. They were too tempting, and I grabbed an occasional one during the day. This didn’t go well with my diet plan, but I wasn’t complaining. Sticky. . . but sweet!

This became a quest because I can add 15 – 20 minutes onto my mornings & evenings by taking my medication. We went with option  #3. I am pretty happy with this choice! In fact, I think it has opened up a whole new list of options. This can become seasonal.  Halloween pumpkins. . .Christmas Nougats

My favorite ~ Spearmint!

Or, I could learn how to swallow a pill. I probably should, or I will be adding an endocrinologist to my list of specialists. In the meantime, life has been pretty sweet!

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