Joy in the beginning – My Diagnosis of MS

I was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on Thursday, June 26th, around 5 pm. Or somewhere in that time frame. Who’s counting, right? I recently came across my journal from that period in time, a significant document to me because it recounts where I was at in my walk with the Lord, how I responded, and my reaction upon being diagnosed.

I had not recognized any signs or symptoms of my illness at the time. I would be in probably the 1% of all people diagnosed. I went to my PCP on Wednesday evening, June 25th, for a work-in appointment. He recognized some neurological difficulties, and I had an appointment the next day with a neurologist. That evening, after many, many tests, my life and my family’s life changed forever. But I will get back to that in later posts.

I had an entry dated May 2, 1997. I wrote these comments, among other things:

Again and again I am finding out just how much God has been preparing me and watching over me. Calling me at such a young age, continually holding me close. Allowing me to go through circumstances at some early ages that were so God-character building. Standing in awe as I am coming to the full realization that He is drawing me into something so great, so large. My eyes can’t see, but my heart hears God calling. How God could call someone like me, I don’t know. Why He would choose me as a servant, I can’t fathom. But serve Him forever I will. I will praise Him at each turn. The more I grow, the more I lean into Him. I’m not climbing  mountain top. I am being being Care-Flighted home closer to my Father each day. It is not myself, pulling Patricia up each step.  It is my God, my ‘helicopter pilot’, increasing my altitude. I don’t chart the pathway we are taking, I’m not recording the flightpath, nor approving it with the air traffic controllers – those heavenly angels who protect my path. The winds will blow, and we may occasionally decrease the altitude. But there is a final destination. And there  IS joy in the journey. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow. Amen.

Of course, that was just the beginning. Little did I know, as I wasn’t even diagnosed when that was written. But that is what this blog is about.

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One thought on “Joy in the beginning – My Diagnosis of MS

  1. Debbie May 23, 2011 at 9:19 am Reply

    Excellent blog, very provoking.


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